Our flexibility and versatility is reflected in the range of materials available. Our nozzles are available in any material that can be machined, cast or moulded. Brass, stainless steel and thermoplastics are the most common choices with others including carbon steel, cast iron, gunmetal, lead, graphite, carbides and ceramics. We can supply nozzles for use with corrosive and abrasive liquids, suspensions and in hot and hazardous environments. 

You can also stipulate specific spray characteristics to suit the needs of any application. Nozzles can be designed and manufactured to produce air atomising sprays, flat jet sprays, solid stream sprays and hollow or full cone sprays. Whichever nozzle you choose, you can be sure of its quality. We can also adapt our manufacturing processes to meet the precise demands of recognised standards in many other industries around the world.

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Textra understands precisely how to ensure that you receive the most efficient, cost-effective and reliable service out of our nozzles. Whether you need an off-the-shelf product or a specially designed system, Textra has the versatility, expertise and experience to provide quality products, expert advice and innovative solutions.

This website is only a brief introduction to some of the key advantages of working with Textra. We would be happy to talk in more detail about your needs or problems and how we could help you get the most out of our spray nozzles and systems.

We have brochures in 3 languages (English, Dutch, French) and a CD-rom with our full product catalogue. Please contact us to receive our CD-rom or brochures, for free.

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